Sunday, October 26, 2008 The most difficult thing in the world is not what most of us think it usually is like climbing the mount everest, bungy jumping for the first time, scuba diving, or simpler things like losing weight. It is simply making peace with the past. In other words, it means forgiving yourself […]

The Choices I Made Tomorrow

Choice – a simple word with such far fetching implications that an entire subject has been dedicated to it. Life is a complex web of several choices, many a times the same choice leading to different destinations and often different ones leading to different goals. Economics studies human behaviour and the problem of choices. It […]

The Mirror and I

Felt rather lonely as I lay in bed and listened to a playlist that consisted of nearly 250 songs, most of which I had never bothered to hear. The blue light from the headset kept flickering in the darkness. The alternation between the flickering blue lights and my eye lids fell in perfect harmony like […]

The SWOT Kid

Life is a dynamic process. It keeps on changing whether you realize or not. Currently, my post graduate program requires that i undertake a research study. I am clear on the subject I would like to undertake my study on; however, there are plenty around me who don’t and who tend to approach me for […]