Secondary Citizen: The Art Of Being A Runner Up On Your Own Turf

What’s been happening lately? Nothing personally, but quite a lot everywhere else. The sum total of my experiences at this point of time is zero; however, when you add what’s been happening around the world and how we relate to it, it’s a relatively staggering higher percentage.

Nearly 12.7 percent of the total world’s population according to the World Bank, yes ironically a bank whose motto is a world ‘Free of Poverty’, lives at or below $1.90 which is around Rs. 150 INR per day. What bothers me is that $1.50 a day is not sufficient to keep and maintain a roof, pay the rent and buy food, fuel or transportation and provide children with an education. India’s poverty rate for 2011/12 to be 21.2 per cent, according to the same world bank report, and it is actually significantly lower owing to a Jugaad (convenient method of manipulation to obtain reasonably favourable outcomes). The larger Indian subcontinent thrives on Jugaad. Had it not been for Jugaad we would have perished or life would have been collectively far more miserable than it feels now. It’s like the weather is 30 C but feels like 20 C – it makes it bearable. We are only affected by what we feel also roughly translated as ‘Ignorance if Bliss’.

Anyway, it feels sad to live in times when inflation of food prices is breaking your back. In addition, the ISIS and the Taliban terror attacks are here to accompany these rampant losses. Sometimes, silly conspiracy theories, you know the kind of things you should dismiss right away because they are so silly and so insignificant come to mind. However, I am fond of making castles in the thin air at times, a coping mechanism, another side effect of having an imagination. It is human nature to attach significance to things when there is absolutely no correlation between the events. There is no cause and effect sometimes. All that is left is the ruble to double your casualty count, like what happened in Palestine, you knew when they threw those pamphlets from the air and bombed civilians living since centuries and wiped generations away together in a second – ethnic cleansing, yes, that’s close to what I meant. Yes, it is similar to what’s been happening in Myannmar.

I meant a lot of bad things happened in June 2016, no I don’t mean the secret Bilderberg meetings, I am talking about more than a dozen terror attacks the world over. The worst part, the Dhaka terror attack now used as the base of a Propaganda against a well known Islamic Scholar for allegedly promoting terrorism and inspiring youth to become terrorists. Anyway, if Dr. Zakir Naik preaches terrorism and of course, promotes hatred through his speeches, I wonder what about Sadhvi Prachi or perhaps, prominent now cabinet members of the current ruling government in India have been doing. What about all that led to Muzaffarnagar Riots? The staggering amount of recorded evidence against these so called right wing party leaders still does not get their organization banned. I would least bother if they banned Dr. Zakir Naik really, I have seen many of his public lectures years ago, I couldn’t care less, I take what is good and leave with whatever that is not relevant be it Dr. Zakir Naik or anyone else for that matter. What bothers me, yes the theme of the day is botheration is banning TV channels that preach a particular religion, which incidentally is the one I follow, Islam, whether it’s QTV or Ary Channel or the Sunni Channel or the Shia Channel whichever. When protests happen you ban internet, and when a prominent figure of a particular community is allegedly promoting terrorism, you ban all the channels preaching that particular religion. Again, ban as many channels as you want, but if you ban it for one religion, ban it for all.

I am tired of feeling like an outsider in my own country where it is difficult to eat a meal of your choice, of course, if you can afford it in the first place that is. Rest assured, I am not going anywhere, not even Pakistan, it is flawed but still mine which is why it pains me to see it tearing itself apart limb to limb, committing a gradual slow suicide. Undertrials waiting for the date when a trial will begin and they will be set free, the AFSPA in the North East and Kashmir (controversial of course). I am tired of the fact that senior ministers of the ruling party of a democracy get away with statements which can well be interpreted as Saffronisation of education will happen, come what may.Anti AFSPA  protest in Assam

Why do you need to saffronize the education or green it? Why the hell can’t you live people alone and spare them your propaganda? Why can’t you let people choose who they want to be and what they want to follow? I know you won’t ever do that, why, because your money making machine will stop working once people learn to think for themselves instead of thinking what you want them to thing. How will you predict what you cannot control?

Ramshankar Katheria:”It is for the benefit of the country and whatever is good for the country… Call it ‘bhagwakaran’ (saffronisation) or ‘sanghwaad’ if you will, but it will be done,” said the Union Minister.


Anyway, if the issue of religion dies, the issue of caste stands, if the issue of caste dies, the issue of language stands, if the issue of language dies, the issue of resources stands, if the issue of resources dies, the issue of gender stands, if the issue of gender dies, the issue of sexual orientation stands, if the issue of sexual orientation dies, I am sure you are more than capable to find one strong divisive factor and manipulate. It is the world’s legacy, you are not to blame, you are simply following it.

Alas, I have found a way of surviving with my sanity intact. The world is going to end anyway; however, cynical as it may seem, I await the end of my life journeying from one point to the next in the way ensuring I make the most of it and at least not become a part of the problem if nothing else.

You can alter your immediate individual reality, the world is not for you to change.

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