Labourless love lost

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Life is strange you fall in love where you least expect. You then do things you least expect and shock or rather amaze yourself with your potential. But most loves don’t reach the intended destination not at least here. The more you get to know a person the more you love them and the more you realize that they are in love with an image of you and not the actual you. What to do then? Should you take a chance and wait or use them for your pleasure and in the end realize it was all a mistake?
A decision once taken should be adhered to and not regretted or complained about. For instance, the moment you decide something you have to make sure that you dont regret it in the future. When one makes a decision they lose the right to complain because if you have the guts to make the decision you need to bear the consequences thereof otherwise you need to let others decide whats best for you and compromise your individuality. Not the same thing is applicable to all but yes to those who regret they must remind themselves of the fact that it was their decision and the reactions of the action are theirs too completely. Most people find this cruel but its a fact. Truth is bitter than poison and so is life. Nothing is fair in life not even my theories so why bother hold on tight and take life as it comes. The best thing is go with the flow and yes do not regret my love, do not complain your decisions are a part of yourself and love yourself whatever be the situation. Everyone makes mistakes regrets increase the guilt and guilt makes you lose your presence of mind. So keep an open mind and decide whats best for you and how to correct the situation. The moment you lose control someone else will take over don’t let that happen because its your life and only you know the best way to deal with it.
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