Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Every time I think, I get carried away to a sea of contemplation, fortunately a sea that does end somewhere. At the moment the topic for my contemplation is Equality. They say all are created equal. Then why are men and women not equal? Why do we have racism, communalism, chauvinism and the several forms of hatred out there and not to forget their by products the ghettos, riots and sexual exploitation. There are so many questions but very few answers. In fact most people don’t have an answer they only have a set of words to justify injustice.The truth as I see it is that most people cannot accept that ‘All men are not created Equal’. No one equals another, and therefore, the rights of one person cannot actual equal those of the others.
Then again there arises the question of making the world a better place and, for that, there has to be an ideal frame of reference-An Illusion of Perfection. An ideal I believe, is a lie that we all have faith in and we look forward to the fact that one fine day it will hold true. It is for this reason that we tend to assume that all human beings are created equal. Hence, something to keep us all fooled and pretty much on the right path until we get at least one percent closer to that ideal is a definite requirement for us all.
All of this to make the world a better place and for this any hypocrisy or illusion is more than welcome.

P.S. No pun or sarcasm intended.

P.P.S This was my first blog ever.

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