Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well lately I am finding myself a part of this spiritual yet psychic realm of spirits, astral travels, psychic healing and all such things imaginable. A few days ago I astral travelled to another country where my half soulmate Haya lives. I saw her face I touched her cheeks, and i glanced at her eyeball from such a close distance that would freak anyone out. I even shielded her to protect her from harm because these days she lives alone and I was worried about any attacks whether spiritual in nature or the actual physical ones. After that around 3:30 am at night I moved on to some of my other friends and did their healing procedures and finally began focussing on my creative visualizations for future. Some minutes later I receive a text from Haya saying leave me nw, lemme sleep m scared. At that time, i realized I forgot to tune out, I was still in that place. Finally I got myself back to where I was in my bed spiritually. I was happy that she sensed me when I was there. No one taught me to do astral travel I just did it like the other things I do be it psychic healing or any other thing i want to do. For instance, I read it and just did it. Most people wont believe that I spiritually travelled that much but i still have her text message saved in my phone as a proof. My father believes me, so does my family and Haya of course. My father says I should stop doing these things and live like normal people. But, normal is a relative term. I am completely normal it is just that I can do different things and that makes me happy. Being myself is normal for me. If I have to sacrifice being myself to meet the so called norms of the society then I dont want to be normal. I would rather choose being myself. The truth is I am happy being what I am, multi-faceted and happy despite all the other imperfections in me. The best thing one can do for themselves is to be their ownself. I chose to be myself and you?

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