The Choices I Made Tomorrow

Choice – a simple word with such far fetching implications that an entire subject has been dedicated to it. Life is a complex web of several choices, many a times the same choice leading to different destinations and often different ones leading to different goals. Economics studies human behaviour and the problem of choices. It helps us decide the fine line between what to choose and what not to. Economics is about the material gain and the non-material one. Gaining the non-material will lead you towards gaining the material and vice versa – different people hold different opinions.
Getting bombarded with advertisements on television – same product and multitudes of options, the hoardings, the radio, the colours and all that we can identify with, promotes mostly the material gain which is necessary to ensure that the non material advantage – the feelings of comfort, safety, luxury and all that accompanies it set in.
Choices are not always so simple, standing at an aisle and going through several options deciding to pick one – can’t decide, then just randomly pick one. Material choices are far easier. It’s the non material ones that make a major impact to our being.
Sometimes, there are a few choices. There is the eternal duty – obedience while on the other there is freedom. It’s when you’re blinded by options, lose neutrality standing at the cross roads not knowing which to pick. Either ways you lose. Two conflicting principles collide at the centre point of your Universe and you’re the fulcrum balancing it. It is important that both win so the balance maintains.
Quiet, misunderstood, mute and introverted – the perfect ingredients that are fatal for damage control. All you need is to take the risk and adjust and bear with the fact that the balance is lost forever. Either ways you cannot escape the far fetching echoes of your actions – the action and the consequences are both yours to bear.

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