Laughter – the best medication

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It is said that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ then what would medication induced laughter be called? Well, maybe, it is the side effect of the medicine. Well this certainly is a thing to have a good laugh at. Life is very strange. Unexpected effects are experienced from the most expected events, which result in the most surprising and at times shocking results. This becomes a tragedy for those that are the victim of the situation but a comedy for most of the rest. One man’s tragedy is another’s comedy.
Sadism is quite close to the afore said statement. People often find others’ pain amusing. Many a times there exists an undeniable sexual connection to that – ‘Intense pain equals to ecstasy’. But the pain of someone you love, something that so disturbs their souls is an amusement for so many people in the present times. For instance, war is a pleasure for those who win and a stain on the soul for those who don’t. The stench of blood of lives lost with or without a cause is an amusement for people who are on the winning side. The tears of those who are forced to miss someone they love for an entire lifetime is not much of a pleasure for people like myself whether I belong to the winning side or the losing one.
Often the satisfaction in someone else’s pain is the feeling that you are not alone. Not only you suffer that, there is at least one other person on the globe who goes through the same and can understand the intensity of it. The good thing is before a potential comedian explores a comic situation in the pain struck duo, it is advisable to find your counterpart and enjoy a good laugh at your pain. After all laughter is the best Analgesic.

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