‘Chi’ ‘mera’ Obscura – Mera Kya Jaata Hai?

Life, as we experience it, is a series of thoughts manifested in reality or left alone in imagination. Either ways they are memories of what could be or of what couldn’t be. The current trending item in life’s aisle is “Darkness,” which is why words such as ‘Black Friday’, ‘War,’ ‘Death Metal,’ ‘Execution,’ ‘Super Power’ and ‘Oil’ and ‘Imprisonment-for-Freedom-of-Speech-and-Expression’ are scoring maximum “Likes” this season.

A camera as we call it, documents life, and also imagination, to a certain degree. It captivates memories to be relived for as long as we want. The predecessor “Camera Obscura” originally led to the formation of an image when the rays of light hit the dark (obscure) chamber inside and manifested it on the chemically treated plate. The dark chamber has secrets the outer light might not have access to even though the motive is to manifest light to capture something you want.

International Priorities have always been Pro Power, Pro Preoccupation and Pro Oil. It is stupidity to turn a blind eye to the world’s basic need ‘Oil’, which often translates as ‘Money’ and ‘Power’. Somehow, these motives have also been on the minds of those who have been in Power forgetting their actual more urgent priorities to serve the public that chose to elect them over the less worse ones.

The Politics of Power is always about anticipating the larger public reaction so that it may be carefully swung over in the favour of the politician concerned. A good lobbyist understands this. When the modes of communication and media have largely developed and can carefully document the happenings, it is easier to predict the public opinion and tougher to manipulate it completely. That’s when it is confused and mingled with mere opinions through use of emotions and petty tactics such as hate speeches.

Such times demand knowing where you stand. A picture gets only more real and beautiful when the dark element/shadow is captured for each object and tweaked where light hits upon it. This depth is important to understand where the object stands or what the message behind the picture is.

The problem here is how obscure has truth become that it cannot be sought even when the resources to seek it have multiplied manifold that too in a short time? Our experiences now are perhaps anticipated reactions that are a mixture of disgust and mockery – a result of integration of different resources that hammer the same in our consciousness -a Dark Chimera of ignorance and escapism.

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